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    Why Battlefield 1 Could Be The...

    1 October 2016 , by DGC Pink LS

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you probably have heard a lot on EA’s upcoming FPS game Battlefield 1. A bunch of us hear at TGG are certainly excited for the new setting(well not so new depending on how long you have been playing battlefield) of WW1. The past few years have been flooded... Read more

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    26 July 2016 , by DGC Pink LS

    While the Force may not have necessarily been as strong as it could have been with Star Wars Battlefront, it’s gotten a whole lot stronger with the latest update. As you may well be aware, the Star Wars (and gaming) fan base got itself all in a tizzy last year over the release of the newest Star Wars Battlefront game.... Read more

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    23 July 2016 , by DGC Pink LS

    Activision has released a new 13 minute single-player video showcasing some of the campaign mission ‘Black Sky’ from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This demonstration footage was released as part of Activision’s San Diego Comic Con festivities and was actually shown behind closed doors at E3last month as well. Here is the official description of ‘... Read more

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    Cover revealed for The Art of ...

    21 July 2016 , by DGC Pink LS

    Amazon has updated its product page for The Art of Battlefield 1, providing a look at the product’s cover. If you are interested, you can preorder the official art book of the upcoming first-person shooter with this link from the shopping website. You can also check out what the front cover looks like with the image located just underneath this...... Read more

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    5 Things The Division Does Wro...

    23 March 2016 , by DGC Pink LS

    The Division has been out now for nearly two weeks and I’ve managed to get a lot of time with the game and have spent a lot of time experiencing the ‘end game’ in The Division and can say that I have completed every challenging mission available multiple times. Therefore, I thought I would provide some thoughts on the 5... Read more

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