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    Titanfall 2’s Beta Didn’t Quit...

    27 August 2016 , by DGC Pink LS

    With the Titanfall 2 Technical Test offering players the opportunity to jump in and try this highly anticipated first-person shooter. After spending a few hours jumping, stomping, blasting, and rappeling through the few maps offered to us, I have emerged with mix feelings on the gameplay. As someone who adored the original Titanfall, this follow-up... Read more

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    The Game Awards 2015’s Game of...

    4 December 2015 , by DGC Pink LS

    From the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, Host Geoff Keighley just announced the Game of The Year award, and it’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The other nominees for Game of the Year were Bloodborne, Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain andSuper Mario Maker. It’s hard to argue with the choice, even if I’m sure we all have our favorites. Al... Read more

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    EA Has No Interest or Time For...

    23 October 2015 , by DGC Pink LS

    Electronic Arts has little interest in re-releasing its old games, so don’t expect that Mass Effect Trilogy remake to release any time soon. When publishers release old games on new platforms, EA COO Peter Moore told IGN, “It feels like pushing stuff out because you’ve run out of ideas.” Moore explained why EA isn’t into this approach to releasing ... Read more

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    Xbox One Available for $349 St...

    27 October 2014 , by DGC Pink LS

      The holidays are starting early this year as the Season of Xbox will begin on November 2, when Xbox One will be available for a special, limited-time promotional offer of $349 in the U.S. Special promotional pricing of $50 off the console of your choice applies to any Xbox One console, including special edition bundles, offering some of the.... Read more

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    Xbox One November Update Custo...

    23 October 2014 , by DGC Pink LS

    The Xbox One November update introduces the ability to use achievement art you unlocked as a custom background, in addition to a rather extensive palette of colors. If you want to see how they’ll look on your Xbox One, below there are a few pictures I snapped from the screen of my own, on which I downloaded the update beta.... Read more

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